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Another Broken Heart

WARNING -Sexual content below. Not suitable for those under 18. (Not like you youngsters haven’t seen or read worse before.)


She wore darkness in the way that most women would wear a little black dress. It hugged her curves and accentuated her beauty. And if he was honest with himself, Payne much preferred the wicked fire in her eyes to sexy attire. Just watching her tease and torment their target was fueling his desire.

“You are Elaine Garrett,” she purred, straddling the young woman tied to the oversized bed, “aren’t you?”

The girl nodded with fear in her eyes and tears on her cheeks as she gripped the thick plastic that had been placed over crisp, white sheets.

“And you know why our boss wants you dead,” she nipped her ear with red painted lips as Elaine nodded again, “What a shame though. You’re really such a pretty little thing,” she glanced over her shoulder with seductive eyes, “don’t you think, Payne?”

“Yes ma’am. She’s gorgeous, ” Payne grinned then shook his head in disappointment, “but you know the rules, Lila.”

“I know,” she pouted with a sigh, “so, shall I do her or would you like the honors, my love?”

“Don’t tease me, baby,” he groaned then stepped forward, handing Lila a gleaming dagger.

Elaine struggled beneath the weight of her captor and pulled against the restraints. Lila giggled gleefully and wiggled her hips as she forcefully slid the blade across her throat. She smiled down at the girl while she gargled and struggled to hang onto life.

“Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door,” she sang in a mocking whisper as the light faded in those beautiful blue eyes. Rolling off the bed, she patted Payne on the chest then strolled through the door leading to a bathroom, “You can take it from here, gorgeous.”

Before he could argue, Lila closed the door and started the shower. He reached into a closet in the corner of the room and pulled out a long, black bag. He unzipped the center then laid it down next to the bed. He cut the ropes from the girl’s wrists and ankles then began to remove her small diamond earrings and silver bracelet. He cleaned the blood from her body then moved her limp corpse into the bag on the floor.

Lifting the now weighted duffle, Payne carried it to the hall and set it down on a gurney. He reached back into the room and pulled a jacket and hat off a hook by the door; both stating ‘Bloodstone Funeral Home’ in bold red letters. He slid the jacket on and pulled the cap low on his brow, just above his eyes. He pushed the stretcher through the hall, into an elevator and hit the down button.

Once he’d reached the bottom floor, he guided the body into a well lit corridor. He stopped midway through and looked up at a blinking florescent; making a mental note to put in a new bulb. Moving forward, he shoved the rolling bed through the swinging, double doors at the end of the hallway.

“Another one?,” A short, round man in goggles and a paper gown looked up from the body he’d been working on, “They sure are keeping you busy lately.”

“That’s what happens when you piss off the boss,” he replied as he parked Elaine near a far wall, “Straight to the crematory, Mort.”

“My name is Vince. We’ve gone over this a million times,” The man pushed his goggles to the top of his head as he strolled over and unzipped the bag to check out the victim, “Oh, wow, she’s hot. Makes you wonder what she was doing to the boss.”

“Lila was rather fond of her too,” Payne stared into the beautiful, lifeless face; fantasizing. He grinned at the mortician then headed out the door, “Into the burner, Mort. Don’t mess around.”

He made his way back to the elevator and up to the room where he’d left Lila. He opened the door to find her pulling tight jeans over her hips. His brown eyes locked onto hers and she could see the hunger that laid beyond his stare. He shivered as she leaned her lace covered breast against him and bit at his neck. With a devious smile, she turned away to grab the blouse that laid on the dresser behind her.

Throwing a hand forward, he grabbed a fistful of the dark waves of hair that hung past her shoulders. He caught a glimpse of her smirk as he drug her across the room and bent her over the bed where Elaine Garrett had died less than an hour before. Payne jerked her jeans down her thighs then worked on removing his pants with the hand that wasn’t entangled in her thick locks.

His erection released from it’s confines and his lust growing, he used his booted foot to spread Lila’s legs then buried himself between them. He thrust into her over and over as she struggled to free herself from his grasp; trying not to let the moans escaping her lips come out loud enough to meet his ears. As he pulled back to pump into her again, she was able to break his grip and roll over.

Her fist collided into his face and she pulled back to hit him again for good measure when she saw his bleeding lips twitch into a grin. Her breast rose and fell in deep gasps beneath their decorative prison. She swung to punch him once more and found herself laughing as he caught her wrist. His weakness was pleasure and hers was pain but the darkness poured from their skin in a toxic aroma just the same.

Lila grabbed his shoulders; pulling him down on top of her and began to dig her manicured nails into the back of his neck. He plowed into her again; this time she gave her body to him freely. With his rhythm found, he glared down at her hateful stare and watched as the anger melted in her eyes to be replaced by ecstasy. Her moans grew and he panted, holding on for dear life; refusing to give into his body until she’d been pushed over the edge.

Her hips began to jerk beneath him and with both hands, she pulled him down to her by his short blonde hair. He nipped at her collar and kissed her jawline as he felt her shudder beneath him in release. A low growl filled his throat as he picked up pace the stopped with a groan as he allowed himself finish inside of her.

Payne pulled his shirt off and threw it at her with a playful smile. He kicked off his work boots and stepped out of his pants as he headed to the bathroom to shower.

“Payne,” Lila called, causing him to turn back to look at her; legs still spread and her cheeks flush, “she was a pretty little thing, wasn’t she?”

He licked his lips with a devious gleam in his eyes then closed the bathroom door.

Payne woke before the sun the following morning and found himself passing the time by watching Lila sleep. Her slow, steady breaths were a melody to his ears and peaceful look on her face intrigued him. In her waking hours, her eyes were filled with chaos and her lips so often curled into a sneer. But while she slept; she was at ease.

He squinted at his wristwatch then rolled out of bed. Vince should be coming into work any moment and he wanted to make sure he had taken care of Elaine’s body as he’d been instructed. You could always count on the mortician to mess around and not get to the most crucial tasks first.

He pulled on the pants he’d be wearing the day before and opened the closest for a fresh shirt. Stepping into his boots, he looked back to see Lila beginning to stir. He knelt beside the bed and pressed his mouth gently to hers. She responded with a sleepy sighed. He slid his hand under the sheets and between her legs. He rubbed her through the cotton of the shorts she wore to sleep in. She moaned and responded more forcefully to his kiss.

“I’ll be right back,” he whispered against her lips.

“No,” she groaned, holding his hand in place and encouraging him to continue touching, “Stay.”

“I promise, I’ll be right back.”

“I loathe you,” she growled in annoyance.

“Aw,” he smiled, knowing she adored him, “I love you too.”

He kissed her forehead then left the room. Down the elevator and through the hall, he smiled to himself as he thought of all the things he planned to do to her when he returned. He pushed open the swinging twin doors and spotted Vince pulling out his tools to prepare for the day.

“Hey Mort,” Payne called with a sly grin, “Did you take care of the body I brought you yesterday?”

“You know it’s Vince, you just do this to annoy me,” he answered, placing his goggles on top of his head as he walked over to a wooden desk cramped into the corner then returned with an envelope, “Mr. Bloodstone stopped by. He wanted me to give this to you. He looked pissed.”

“This must be payment for the Garrett girl.”

“You and Lila aren’t,” Vince pumped his hips and squinted his face, “you know?”

Payne rolled his eyes and slipped a finger under the sealed to open the package. He peered inside to see a handful of letters cut from magazines and newspapers. He pulled out a couple of the cutouts and inspected them as he walked to Vince’s desk.

Shuffling through the piles of files, he pulled out a blank piece of copy paper and a roll of tape. He poured the contents out onto the desk and began to arrange them onto the white page. He shook his head as he worked the puzzle out and secured all the pieces.

“Not a paycheck, I’m assuming.”

“No,” Payne replied, quickly folding the slip of paper and stuffing it into his pocket, “It’s my next target. I’ll see you later.”

He strolled out the door and up the hallway to the elevator. While he waited for the chime to say he could board, he pulled out the paper and stared down at it. He carefully contemplated his next moved but he knew he was thinking more on emotion than logic. The metal wall clanged and rattled open, allowing him to step inside. Once he reached his floor, Payne stood outside of the door and took a deep breath.

He walked inside and headed straight to the closet, pulling out a bag then throwing clothes from their hangers into it. He glanced over at the bed to see Lila sitting there with her back turned toward him.

“We’re leaving,” he ordered, “Get up and pack. Quickly.”

She glanced over her shoulder, glaring at him with cold eyes. The only thing that gave her away were the smudges of mascara that lined her cheeks. She didn’t move, she simply watched him. Payne shook his head. He pulled the bag to the small dresser and started pulling Lila’s clothes from it.

“It’s going to be alright,” he muttered as he packed hastily.

He heard the sound of the curtains opening and looked up wondering why the room hadn’t gotten brighter. He turned around to see the window had been painted black except for a few markings that allowed small pinpoints of light to shine through. Slowly, he shifted his vision to the spot above the dresser where the sun painted two words along the wall:


He clambered to his feet and uneasily pivoted to face Lila. He took a shaky breath when he saw the gun in her hands; pointed toward his chest. Hope filled him as he saw the shimmer of tears begin to line her eyes. Her jaw was set but her eyes gave away the pain she felt. He took a step forward, slowing raising his hands.

“Baby,” Payne pleaded, maneuvering around the bed to stand in front of her, “you don’t have to do this.”

“If I don’t, he will.”

“Please, we can leave. It will be alright. Everything will be fine.”

“I wish that were true.”

“Lila…” he started then stopped as she placed the muzzle against his heart.

He removed the sheet of paper folded in his pocket and laid it open on the bed. The puzzle of letters formed together in another death sentence:

Lila Rae Bloodstone

He dropped to his knees and grabbed the barrel of the gun, moving it to rest directly between his eyes.

“You better not miss,” he forced a reassuring smile.

The last sounds Payne heard were her sobs and the click of the chamber as the bullet released, dancing through his skull to leave a morbid painting of heartbreak on the wall behind him.