The Fall

Tumbling through the air, the world flashed by in a whirlwind of color. Reaching out into the howling wind, he hoped to grip onto something, anything to slow him down. His hands flailing frantically with nothing more than air catching between his fingertips. His body gained speed as he plummeted further and further until he was plunged beneath the crashing waves of the ocean.

He broke through the surface; gasping; choking. Arms beating fiercely against the water as he tried to stay afloat. Fear engulfed him as he looked around at the endless stretch of the sea. He desperately needed to get to land. Kicking, he pushed his exhausted body to shore. Pulling himself onto the sandy earth, he laid back allowing the waves to brush over the tops of his bare feet.

The night sky smiled down at him. He tilted his head as he studied the stars. He’d never seen them look so small and the moon; he’d never seen Earth’s look so large. The black canvas spread above him was mesmerizing. He suppose he had never truly known it’s beauty because he’d always been a part of it.

Slowly rising to his feet, he wiped at the granules sand clinging to his wet skin. The specks were relentless, sticking to his hands then back to his bare thighs are he tried to escape it’s adhesive texture. Frustration began to build into a ball of fire in his gut and he had a unexpected desire to scream and kick out his legs. Holding back against the urge, he continued to swipe at his body.

“Step into the sea, brother,” a gentle lilt rose from behind him, “Rinse in it’s water and be free of the sands grip.”

A unfamiliar pounding echoed through his chest and he turned. Joy and sorrow filled him as he quickly approached the woman standing there and pulled her into an embrace, “Cadessa, I thought your soul had been lost but you’ve been casted out.”

She pulled back and laid a¬†reassuring hand on his cheek. A smile touched lips but sadness danced in her sapphire eyes as the wind blew a strand of black hair across her face. She didn’t reply. She simply slipped her hand into his and led him back into the ocean. Cupping water into her palms, she began to wash off his skin. He studied her hands work; brushing over the plains of his body. Her fingertips lingered of the golden script branded into his skin, marking him the storm.

“Who will bring the rains,” Cadessa whispered as she traced the swirling designs.

He looked away from her and to the sky.

“Ranburne,” his name fell from her lips like a song, “Who will bring the rains?”



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